Newport-on-Tay, 31 March 2015

It’s Eco Schools Green Flag number two for Busy Bees Nursery in Newport!

The independent Nursery, which is part of the Busy Bees group of Nurseries in Fife and has worked hard to obtain its second award.

To obtain a Green Flag, schools and nurseries must first draw up an environmental review which they must then action. After regular monitoring of the plan they must maintain it and link it to both the curriculum and to the wider community in general. After two years the award is up for review again and the educational organisation must demonstrate that it has maintained and followed all the principles. 

The Nursery has also been boosted by the news that following this second key award, it has been selected to feature in a short film for the new Eco-Schools Scotland resource, a resource which supports schools and nurseries in their learning about sustainable food. 

“We are absolutely delighted, “said Nursery Manger Sharon Cura. “It was good enough news to hear that we had achieved a second flag but then the very next day we got the call that we were being selected to feature in this special film, and that filming would be taking place very soon. As it is concentrating on learning about food sustainability, we were selected because we have a number of key community links involving local food suppliers, and we involve the children in growing and preparing food, some of it outdoors.”

As Sharon explained, Busy Bees Newport grows a great deal of produce in its own school garden and sells some of it to Janie’s Wee Veg Van, a mobile greengrocer in the town.   Food is also bought from Janie’s Wee Veg Van for food activities with the children.

“We have been doing business with Janie for three years now, she is a great contact and we have a mutually beneficial relationship, “ said Sharon. “We also have our Forest Kindergarten in the woodland at Leng Day Centre where we have an outside snack and campfires. We plan to start cooking outside soon and to build a bottle greenhouse in the grounds with the assistance of the centre users. We would like to help them with a gardening programme too.”

“The film producers said these were all really super examples of linking with the community that includes food and drink learning and teaching. They are going to film us both in the Nursery and at the Leng Day Centre, so I am sure they will be delighted to be involved too,” said Sharon.

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